FAQ General

Why doesn’t FakeTV also come with sound?

Great question and one that is asked quite often! In most circumstances you cannot hear the TV from outside the house. But, if you want an added burglar repellent, we recommend you leave a radio tuned to a talk radio station.

Can I order over the phone?

Definitely! Though our ordering process is completely secure, we understand the concerns about online ordering. Please call 877-5-FAKETV (877-532-5388) to place you order over the phone

How long has FakeTV been on the market and how are sales?

We began selling FakeTV in February of 2008, and sales are going very well, thanks for asking. Perhaps security products do well in hard times. We really would rather all burglary stopped. We would find something else to do.  But, in the mean time, we are pleased to make the “job” of the crooks a little harder.

This is a great idea!  Do you mind if I copy it?

Actually, we do.  FakeTV is protected by US Patents 7,365,649, 7,719,435, and 7,755,470.  An international (PCT) application, is pending. Also “FakeTV” is a registered trademark of Hydreon Corporation.  We believe in enforcing our valuable intellectual property rights and have many years of experience in doing so.

We have started to see pirate FakeTVs, and are taking appriate legal steps against those involved in selling these counterfeit products.

Are there any other uses for FakeTV?

  • One customer gave it to his daughter because she has to fall asleep with the TV on. This saved the TV and electricity.
  • A theatrical troupe needed a way to make it look like the actor on stage was watching TV. FakeTV was the perfect solution.
  • Other uses? If you think of any, let us know. We would like to be the central twist in some TV detective story. Are you you listening, Hollywood writers?

Do you guys manufacture FakeTV Yourselves?

Sort of.  We did the research, development, and design work here at Hydreon.  The FakeTV is made for us to our exacting specifications and quality control requirements in Asia.

FakeTV is a great idea! Do you have any other products?

We have innovative automotive and sensing products that you may find at www.hydreon.com. We have no other security products.   We also do consulting in optics, sensing, and control, but we are not accepting new clients.

You won’t sell me a FakeTV and, knowing that I have one, rob me, will you?

Of course not! We are here to do God’s work, and we refer to the 7th Commandment– “Thou shall not steal”. Besides, we really would have no way of knowing if it was the FakeTV or the real thing anyway, and we would not want to run the risk of getting caught.

Why Not just Leave My Real TV on?

Shhhhh!  If you say that too loudly, everyone will know!  You may indeed leave the real TV on, and achieve exactly the same burglar-repelling effect.

On the other hand, you will use at least 50 X more power.  And, real TVs get dimmer with time, and are good for only a finite number of hours of operation.  Also, you can position FakeTV in a room where there is no real TV, but is particularly well positioned to function as a burglar repellent. Finally, FakeTV has a built-in light sensor and timer.  So, it will not be on at 3:00 AM, when a flickering TV glow might cause more suspicions than it quells.

We have had many people tells us that before FakeTV they would leave their TV on for entire vacations.  But then, those people became our customers.  So go ahead and order FakeTV!

Did you guys invent FakeTV?

We did not come up with the basic idea.  In a chance encounter (thank-you, God) with inventor Blaine Readler, he mentioned the idea and that he had produced a functioning prototype.  We loved the idea because it is something we though we would use ourselves.  (This has proven very much the case!)  We quickly entered into a partnership, and further developed the technology to produce a very usable product.