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FakeTV Looks "Alive"

A FakeTV produces exactly the same sort of light a real television makes. FakeTV does not make a picture, but makes light as if it did. FakeTV simulates the the light from scene changes, color shifts, on screen motion, and other television effects. So when you see the light from FakeTV flickering through the curtains, it looks just like it came from a real TV.

Light from FakeTV, just like light from a real TV, is constantly changing. It shifts in color and intensity, and gives the impression of motion. You see it, and know (or think you know) what produced it.

FakeTV: The Burglar Deterrent
For a demonstration of FakeTV in action please see our 75 second Video Demo.


FakeTV: The Burglar Deterrent
Most burglars would rather not mess with the homeowner. They "just" want to take your stuff and go.

An Operating Televisions says "People Home"

Try this yourself: look around at the windows in your neighborhood after dusk, and you will likely find one emanating the telltale flickering glow of a television. Now does it even occur to you that the home might not be occupied? We didn’t think so! If you were looking to break into a house, would you pick that one, or keep looking?


Quality in Every Detail

FakeTV is well thought-out. The highest quality components are assembled to produce a product that you will enjoy for years to come.

FakeTV becomes part of your home, and we have designed it as such. Yes, it is highly functional, but it is also attractive. The opalescent diffuser lens gives a pretty glow, and the optical illusion formed by the LEDs on the screen is frankly fascinating to watch. (Although we discourage you from doing so– it is never healthy to look at any bright light source for an extended period of time.)

FakeTV is as bright as a 27 inch TV, but smaller than a coffee cup.


FakeTV has a simple, clean-looking design

Outstanding Value

Super-bright LEDs are a new technology, and real LED lighting is real expensive. Sure, battery-operated, landfill-ready LED lighting is really cheap, but essentially useless. FakeTV costs about double what you would expect to pay for an equally bright LED lamp that had no computer control or light sensor.


So Easy

Using FakeTV could not be simpler. Place FakeTV where it will light up a room, but you cannot see the FakeTV unit itself from outside. Then, each evening at dusk FakeTV’s built-in light sensor will turn the unit on. FakeTV turns off automatically after a switch-selectable time.

Burglars will almost always circle a home once before entering. They are looking for the easiest way in, andlooking for signs of life. FakeTV gives them just those signs. Few burglars will enter a home that they think is occupied.

It looks like there are more LEDs than there are-- the 'magic diffuser lens.'