Model FTV-7

Make your home a less appealing target for a remarkably low price.


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The FTV-7 provides the same great occupancy simulation as our slightly larger models, for a little less money. So buy several and give them to your friends and loved-ones.

The FTV-7 simulates the light output of a 27″ TV, just like our FTV-10. It is a little smaller than the FTV-10.

Also, the FTV-7 has only one timer setting: Dusk +5 hours. The FTV-10 has two: Dusk +4 hours, and Dusk +7 hours.

Not sure which to buy? You really cannot go wrong. Whichever you get, it will be a useful addition to your home, and you will be able to use it for years to come.

FakeTV Model FTV-7
Fake TV is controlled with a single switch to select off, timed, or sensor/timer operation.

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