Model FTV-11

A Brighter FakeTV for More Impact
Simulates a 40 inch Television


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Much like the FTV-10, the FakeTV model FTV-11 makes light like a television does. It just makes more of it. That makes the effect more noticeable, especially when used in a location that includes a widescreen television.

Benefits of owning a FakeTV

  • Light sensor and timer are built in
  • Will not wear out
  • Really Bright!
  • Simple to use

The FTV-11 simulates the light of a 40″ LCD television. It is thus three times brighter than the FTV-10, making it a better choice for larger rooms.

The FTV-11 does this with a well designed reflector that makes use of every ray coming from the LEDs, and produces an even illumination.

FakeTV Model FTV-11
Fake TV is controlled with a single switch to select off, timed, or sensor/timer operation.

3 X Brighter than FTV-10

Pretty much, yes. We have been making FakeTV for five years now, and almost the only thing people ask for is “brighter.” Our customers like the product and there just was not much else to improve upon. Rather than just add more LEDs consume more power, we fired up our computers and designed a really efficient reflector. We tested this for months, and all our beta sites really liked it.

One more thing: we made the software so that the simulation is even more dynamic and colorful. In the years since we introduced FakeTV, television programming has gotten more colorful as producers have learned to exploit the full range of HDTV. We have also incorporated these software improvements into our FTV-10.

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