Intellectual Property

Our Patents

We have three legal patents registered in the United States for FakeTV. Click the documents to view:

Patent # US 7,365,649 B

Patent # US 7,719,435 B2

Patent # US 7,755,470 B


We have pursued violators of our Intellectual Property (IP) and been successful. If your product is in violation of our Intellectual Property, please cease sales immediately.

Writ of Garnishment for Amazon sales against JC Brothers

Attorneys’ fees awarded against JC Brothers

Default Judgement against JC Brothers

We have recently been awarded a default judgment against Amazon seller JC Brothers in a US District Court for sales of a product that infringed our patents. Please see the Default Judgment against JC Brothers PDF above. The judgment was for $200,000 in statutory damages and included a permanent injunction against JC Brothers, among other things, preventing them from further sales of the infringing product. In addition to the statutory damages, we were awarded $18,055 in attorneys fees. See the Attorneys’ fees awarded against JC Brothers PDF above.

We have pursued legal action to collect the $200,000+ judgement against JC Brothers from their Amazon sales revenue and have been successful. See the Writ of Garnishment for Amazon sales against JC Brothers PDF above.

We are systematically notifying all infringers of our patents about this. Many have already dropped the products but some have not. We are in the process of filing lawsuits against all remaining infringers. Most of the preparation for these lawsuits has already been done in our preparation for our successful suit against JC Brothers, so this will not be difficult. We recommend that all infringers do not wait until we have filed a lawsuit to discontinue selling the referenced products. Once we have filed such a suit, we will have already undertaken most of the expenses that will be required. So, it will make no sense for us to withdraw the suit, even if sales of infringing products are discontinued at that time. In the lawsuit against JC Brothers, they stopped selling the product once we filed suit, we did not drop the suit, and went on to be awarded the $200,000 judgement and $18,055 for attorney fees