Resellers Wanted

We are looking for resellers to carry FakeTV

Preferably with physical stores

If you are a reseller of consumer electronics or other appropriate items, please consider carrying FakeTV. We are especially seeking brick and mortar stores. Please contact

Why sell FakeTV?

  • Customers love our product.
  • Low return rate
  • High referrals
  • Not everyone is selling it
  • Fair MAP pricing
  • We advertise nationally

Plus, we would just really appreciate it.

FTV-7 in ready-to-sell packaging
And now, we have a new model, the FTV-7, priced right to be an impulse buy. The FTV-7 is packaged in a clamshell package.

What is not a good fit

Respectfully, we do not need any more e-bay resellers or additional channels through Amazon. We wish such resellers all the best, but more nearly identical sales channels would just dillute the flow to our exiting resellers.